Keep Safe-A unique innovation from Norrland

We received a question from Nordiska Kompaniet, also known as NK Department store. They had a problem. Would it be possible to produce a window solution that prevents so-called Smash and Grab burglary, something that was much better than what was already on the market? A new business idea had fallen down in the lap of us.

We went straight to the drawing board. Luleå University of Technology was involved in the process and after a few months there was a first prototype that we went to the customer to show and demonstrate. The plan was to drive with a car in our window box. It would be unnecessarily exciting. A couple of hours before it was time we still had not gotten hold of any suitable vehicle. In the lunch room in a nearby cement foundry we managed at the eleventh hour to find a guy who had a car for sale. We need to say that the car was bought unseen.

The pilot test was conducted with very successful results and the customer was delighted. We had found a solution to how to protect yourself against a type of crime that was previously virtually impossible to guard against. Keep Safe was a fact.

The Nordic company has since installed our solution at both of its department stores, in Stockholm and Gothenburg. And yes, they have had intrusion attempts since then, but the perpetrators have had to turn empty-handed while the business has been able to continue without interruption.

Now we are ready to take the next step. We are confident that our pioneering product has the potential to create the conditions for a safer and more secure existence in many public environments.