Security through safety in practice

We live in times when we unfortunately have to relate to uncertainty and protection against crimes, such as burglary and assault. Our business concept is to create security, with safety solutions that feel but not visible to the naked eye. For example, we have developed a unique solution that makes facades safer and prevents Smash & Grab burglary.

Smash & Grab

“Smash and Grab” is an English expression that briefly involves conducting a robbery or a theft by driving with a vehicle into a storefront, grabbing valuable goods and then quickly disappearing.

In addition to the window glass bursting at the Smash & Grab often raves the entire facade in, so the perpetrators can get into that path. In the face of the financial losses for stolen goods, the devastation is often high and the shopkeeper is likely to close the business for a period to restore the premises.


keep safe

Keep Safe is a unique patented solution that makes facades safer
and prevents the Smash & Grab burglary.

The design has been developed  in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology and is based on research and careful testing. The solution lies in the design itself – a combination of extremely thick glass and a resilient attachment that captures and effectively suppresses the impact forces. This prevents the frame from dropping and the window plumages in. Our patented solution is the movement between Windowkarm and window panel.


Noticeable security
invisible for the eye

Our product withstand significantly higher pressure than similar products – without aesthetic impression

The protective technology cannot be seen from the outside when only 50 mm of the frame intruses on the window surface itself. There are therefore large and very flexible opportunities to create both stylish, modern and tailor-made solutions, which at the same time can withstand significantly higher pressures than similar products.

If a window is damaged, we can install a new box and secure the façade again at short notice. And the customer often doesn’t even need to close the business in the meantime, because the frame and the window pane are likely to remain in place after an intrusion attempt.

Why keep safe?

  • Very high protection against burglary, blasting and fire
  • Safety standards far above existing safety scale – also protection against magnetic fields and solar storms
  • Suitable both for large and small windows and for new production as well as rebuilding
  • Great opportunities of customised solutions
  • Energy Saving – good insulation through low U-value (low energy permeability)
  • Quick replacement of damaged goods
  • Safer working environments
  • Better sound attenuation
  • Possibility of lower insurance premiums


Who needs keep safe?

Keep Safe is a high-quality security product designed for all types of public environments requiring extremely high standards of protection and security, eg.

  • Department stores and shops
  • Embassies
  • Government and parliament buildings 
  • Police stations
  • Prisons and detention centers
  • Airports
  • Emergency centres
  • Banks and post offices
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Vulnerable entrances
  • People with threat scenario in high need of protection.


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