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Keep Safe is our safest product, for you who need protection against smash and grab intrusion, burglary, shelling and blasting. The patented solution is entirely our own design.

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Keep Safe – for whom?

Keep Safe is a high-quality safety product that is suitable for all types of environments where the requirement for protection and security is higher, eg:

  • Alarm centers
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Department stores and shops
  • Embassies
  • Government buildings
  • Pawnshops
  • Private property in need of protection
  • Police stations
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Sensitive entrances
  • Subways
  • Train stations


Why Keep safe?

  • Very high protection against burglary, shelling, blasting and fire
  • Works for both large and small windows, for doors and entrances
  • Well suited for both new production and retrofits
  • Great opportunities for tailored and customized solutions
  • Energy saving – good insulation through low energy transmission
  • A safe and cost-effective solution when parts of any device need to be replaced
  • Safer and quieter working environment
  • Opportunity for a lower insurance premium
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable materials

A sense of security
without limitations

Our tests show that Keep Safe can handle significantly higher stresses than similar products.

The protective technology can not be seen from the outside as only 50 mm of the frame covers the window. There are therefore very flexible opportunities to create both stylish and modern solutions.

There are no differences in design possibilities compared to constructions with a normal steel frame, nor are there any restrictions regarding the desired surface treatment and size. Keep Safe is designed according to your requirements and wishes.

The Keep Safe patent

Keep Safe is a unique patented solution that makes facades and entrances safer and prevents smash and grab burglary.

The design is based on research and thorough tests and is verified by Luleå University of Technology.

The solution lies in the design itself – a combination of high-quality glass and a damping attachment that catches and effectively dampens the force. This prevents the frame from dropping down and the window from collapsing.


Smash and grab

“Smash and grab” means carrying out a robbery or theft by driving a vehicle into a shop window, snatching valuable goods and then quickly disappearing.

In addition to the window glass cracking and falling apart during smash and grab burglaries, the entire façade often collapses and the perpetrators break in.

In addition to the financial losses for stolen goods, the devastation is often great and the store owner will probably have to close the business for a period to restore the premises.

With our secure solution, Keep Safe, the cost of damage, theft and downtime is minimized.


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