Keep offers unique steel frame window and door solutions ensuring that facades and entrances are secure. It is our passion and will to create safe  environments for people and property.

We have a patented solution that effectively protects against various types of intrusion such as burglary, shooting and blasting.


Our product is specially designed to prevent smash and grab-intrusions. We offer turn-key solutions for buildings where the requirements for design in combination with protection level and security is high.

Impact test verifies our solution

To evaluate and verify our unique system, we have developed a machine for simulating intrusion attempts. At the end of September, impact tests were carried out to demonstrate the effects of driving into a glazed façade with a weight of 1600 kg at up to 30 km / h. The...

Keep transforms facades, window and door sections to the highest blast proof standard

We have succesfully performed blast tests of our patented window and door safety system. The tests were performed by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, according to the standard SS-EN 13123-2: 2004, to independently evaluate the performance of the "Keep Safe" and...

Keep has been patented

We were inspired by the car industry. Long ago they realized that anti-collision elements and sections in cars increase safety and protect lives. Based on the same principle, we have developed a world-unique solution, which protects facades against intrusion and...

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