Keep offers unique steel frame window and door solutions ensuring that facades and entrances are secure. It is our passion and will to create safe  environments for people and property.

We have a patented solution that effectively protects against various types of intrusion such as burglary, shooting and blasting.


Our product is specially designed to prevent smash and grab-intrusions. We offer turn-key solutions for buildings where the requirements for design in combination with protection level and security is high.

Keep nominated to Start-up of the Year

Keep the company has been nominated as Start-up of the Year at the Piteå Business Awards. A proof that hard and persistent work pays off. We are happy, grateful and of course very honored. The others nominated in the same category are Granholmens Träteknik AB and This...

No limitations with Keep Safe System

Our system enables great opportunities regarding size, design, performance and surface treatment. Keep Safe System provides security solutions for facades, doors and windows. The protective technology cannot be seen from the outside as only an almost invisible part of...

Keep Safe System protects Esrange

In August 2021 an accident occured at Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, which could have had devastating consequences. Now, Keep Safe System is installed to prevent such accident to happen. The accident occurred during a test of rocket engines, something that is...

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