A sense of security without limitations

Our patented Keep safe system prevents terrorist attacks, burglary, shelling, blasting and intrusion attempts. Our solutions gives increased security without limitations in design. Our partners are leading suppliers of steel profiles, security glass and adhesives.

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Safe and secure windows

We offer both openable and fixed installations, customized sizes for all types of facades where increased protection is required. Our system is tested and certified. There are no restrictions in design, performance and surface treatment. We manufacture everything from glued store fronts to arched sections. 

Safe and secure doors

Our doors are tested and approved for blasting level EXR3 together with profiles from our partner Stålprofil.

The Keep safe system is classified for EW60 and the system why the system is relevant in all projects where fire classification is required.

Safe and secure facades

With the Keep safe system, fully glazed facades can be protected from attack, blasting and smash and grab intrusion.

The protective technology cannot be seen from the outside as only an almost invisible part of the frame encroaches on the window surface itself. There are therefore large and very flexible opportunities to create elegant and tailor-made designs:

  • Our system can be integrated into all-glass facades (structural glazing)
  • Can be combined with any profile system, including aluminum
  • Glass to glass installations
  • Customized sizes

Smash and grab

“Smash and grab” means carrying out a robbery or theft by driving a vehicle into a storefront, snatching valuable goods and then quickly disappearing.

In addition to the window glass cracking and falling apart during smash and grab burglaries, the entire façade often collapses, so that the perpetrators can break in. In addition to the financial losses for stolen goods, the devastation is often great and the store owner will probably have to close the business for a period to restore the premises. With the Keep safe system the cost of damage, theft and downtime is minimized.

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