Impact test verifies our solution

Published 13 October, 2021

To evaluate and verify our unique system, we have developed a machine for simulating intrusion attempts.

At the end of September, impact tests were carried out to demonstrate the effects of driving into a glazed façade with a weight of 1600 kg at up to 30 km / h. The results show that we have a product without comparison. With Keep’s system the market can access completely new levels of security for windows and doors.

With our patented solution, it is possible to produce lighter, thinner and more elegant windows and door sections, which means that Keep Safe is suitable for all applications where it is crucial to proctect the inside.

On this occasion, three different window sections were tested with our damping system.The glasses were produced and delivered by Vetrotech-Saint Gobain and glued with adhesives from Sika.

The video demonstrates the tests:

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