In November 2017, an extensive fire broke out in the historic property named Vildmannen 7 in the area Norrmalm in Stockholm. Keep the company AB is now supplying secure doors and window parts for the reconstruction, on behalf of the property owner Hufvudstaden.

Photos: Hufvudstaden

Vildmannen 7 was built at the end of the 19th century and was classified before the accident as a property of the highest cultural and historical value. In the fatal fire in 2017, the interior was totally destroyed, while the beautiful old stone facade miraculously remained. After a long and complex process to produce a new detailed plan for the property as well as advanced demolition work, the spectacular and complicated reconstruction is now underway. Behind the 120-year-old facade, an entirely new building is being built for modern office premises, business premises and residences.

– The big challenge is to connect the facade with a modern house. The project is completely unique of its kind, says Niklas Engvall, Project Manager at Hufvudstaden.

For the project Vildmannen 7, Keep the company AB has been trusted to deliver all doors and windows to the ground floor, with the Keep Safe system. The patented solution protects the inside against explosions, attacks, break-ins and smash and grab intrusions. Keep Safe system has already been installed at NK, Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm and in Gothenburg, with excellent results. In addition to the highest safety class, the system also offers great design possibilities.

– We build with flexibility to be able to adapt and to receive all types of tenants in the future. We choose Keep Safe System for Vildmannen 7 because we want the safest solution, says Niklas Engvall.

Keep’s partner Stålpartier i norr AB is responsible for the manufacturing of the window and door parts.

The new Vildmannen 7 is estimated to be ready for occupancy in 2023.

More information about the reconstruction of Vildmannen 7:

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