Last week we carried out fire tests with our patented system for safe facades and doors, the Keep safe system. It was another great success, which creates even more opportunities.

In collaboration with the glass supplier Vetrotech, the fire tests were conducted in Aachen, Germany at the fire institute IFTS, International Fire Testing + Services. The purpose with the test was to assess how well the system can handle test level EW60, which means that the test object must withstand a 60 minute test cycle at 1,000 degrees Celsius.

The test, which was carried out under great tension, lasted exactly 75 minutes before it was terminated. The fact that our system can handle EW60 means that our product is relevant in all projects where fire classification is required.

Our wall and facade system withstands explosions, fire, attack and smash & grab with the highest performance – in the most demanding environments.

We celebrate another great success and continue our journey for a safer world. Keep safe!

See video from the test:

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