Let’s kick off the new year with some fantastic news. This week we have received approval for our patent application in the United Arab Emirates, indicating another significant milestone for Keep the Company.

The United Arab Emirates has continuously emphasized the growth of tourism as a lasting and sustainable economic foundation, especially in Dubai. Consequently, it’s essential to guarantee secure public spaces in locations such as shopping districts, airports, and subways.

The approval of the patent is a direct reflection of our long-term strategy.
–      ­By collaborating with the right partners in this region, the potential for Keep Safe System to enhance security and safety in public spaces becomes limitless. This is an excellent beginning to the new year, says our CEO, Håkan Karlsson.

Yet another triumph that confirms we are on a journey to become a global player in safety solutions. We eagerly look forward to upcoming opportunities and partnerships that will strengthen our presence and contribute to a safer world for everyone.

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