Keep the company is delivering all doors and glass facades for the first stage of the massive project Västlänken in Gothenburg. A truly prestigious assignment and our largest deal by far.

Västlänken is one of Northern Europe’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. An eight-kilometer-long railway for continuous commuter and railway traffic is being built under Central Gothenburg. Six kilometers of the stretch will run through tunnels. Additionally, three new stations are being built at Gothenburg Central, Hagakyrkan, and Korsvägen.


As a subcontractor to NCC, Keep the company together with Stålpartier i norr (SPINAB) are delivering all glass facades and doors underground for escalators and platforms for the first stage, the Central Station.
NCC spent considerable time searching for a functional and secure solution for the glass and door panels required for the project. After extensive calculations, it was evident that the Keep Safe system was the only solution meeting the project’s extremely high safety standards.

In addition to being a patented and entirely unique safety solution, the Keep Safe system enables the production of slimmer panels, enhancing visual appeal and reducing costs through minimized material usage. Furthermore, the system is engineered to ensure swift and seamless installation, minimizing disruptions for both workers and travelers in the construction area.

We are, of course, incredibly proud and happy for the trust. It’s truly remarkable to provide top-tier Northern quality to a project of this scale and complexity, yet another evidence of the globally unmatched nature of the Keep Safe system. It’s additionally rewarding to know that all our subcontractors are exclusively local producers.

Production is now in full swing. SPINAB will manufacture a large quantity of panels for installation, which will begin in August this year. Our assignment will continue throughout 2024 and 2025.

The official construction start for Västlänken took place in 2018, and the work is currently progressing in all stages. The Central Station is expected to be completed by 2026, and the entire Västlänken is planned to open for traffic in 2030.
Västlänken is part of a larger financing solution for infrastructure that contributes to the growth and development of Western Sweden.

In the long term, Västlänken is anticipated to enhance travel across Gothenburg and Western Sweden by enabling faster and more seamless train journeys. The final cost is estimated by the Swedish Transport Administration to approximately 26 billion kronor. (Illustration: Wiki Commons)



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