Keep transforms facades, window and door sections to the highest blast proof standard

We have succesfully performed blast tests of our patented window and door safety system.

The tests were performed by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, according to the standard SS-EN 13123-2: 2004, to independently evaluate the performance of the “Keep Safe” and “Keep Plus” systems. The test results met all expectations and is considered by the component providers to be unique in the world.

Our tests show that Keep can handle blasting, shelling, smash and grab and attack in the same system at a higher level of security. For example, the system manages blast level 3, EXR3, with glass classified for level 1, EXR1 and the highest level EXR5 with glass classified for level 3, EXR3.

This means opportunities for smarter, safer and more cost-effective systems.

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