Large order to Keep the company

Published 4 October, 2022

Keep the company has signed an agreement with NCC to deliver all door and wall parts to the giant project Västlänken in Gothenburg. The deal is the largest procurement of security windows and security doors in Sweden during 2022.
– We are extremely proud and happy, says CEO Håkan Karlsson.

Västlänken is an approximately 6-kilometer-long train tunnel under central Gothenburg that will be trafficked by regional and commuter trains. Three new stations are to be built along the new route, which is expected to be open to traffic in December 2026.

Breakthrough for the Keep safe system

NCC, who is building the central part on behalf of the Swedish Transport Administration, has been looking for a functional and safe solution for the glass and door parts for a long time. After in-depth calculations, carried out by a subcontractor to NCC, Keep safe system was the only solution that could match the specification’s high requirements at a reasonable cost. Keeps solution also makes it possible to manufacture a sleeker steel frame, which both improves the visual impression and saves money due to less material consumption.

– The project Västlänken provides us with a fantastic reference. This shows that the Keep safe system can deliver to the most challenging projects where tunnel stations are to be built or rebuilt. This is a major breakthrough for the Keep safe system, says Håkan Karlsson.

Big investment awaits

The launch of our patented system for secure windows and doors started less than two years ago. Since then, the Keep safe system has received a lot of attention. We are now aiming for a large national and international launch.

– We follow a long-term strategy and with the NCC contract we have the reference we need. Keep safe system has all the qualifications to become a standard for safe window and door parts. The sky is the limit, says Håkan Karlsson.

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NCC on visit

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Hot news – fire tests successfully accomplished

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